CELL Big Local

What is Big Local?

Big Local is a fund created by Big Lottery Fund, and managed by Local Trust, to help local communities invest in projects that will make a long lasting and positive difference to the area. 150 Big Local areas have been established in England and each has £1,000,000 to invest in their community over a ten year period.

An area in south-east Northumberland containing the four villages of Cresswell, Ellington, Linton and Lynemouth (CELL) was chosen as one of these areas. 

How does it work?

The scheme is resident led, with the community deciding what projects will provide improvement, regeneration, and leave a lasting legacy for residents to enjoy after the funding ends. Requests and ideas are pulled together to create a two-year plan of activity, and submitted to the national Big Local controlling body (the Local Trust) for approval. Once approved, funds are released as needed and project delivery is left to the local residents. To make sure the funds are properly spent and accounted for, a Locally Trusted Organisation (LTO) is selected, to act as both banker and employer of any staff.

The rules require that a Partnership body of local residents and representatives of professional or charitable bodies be formed to take responsibility for the projects, and monitor progress and spending.

What has already happened?

Since CELL received Big Local area status in 2014 much progress has been made:

  • A door to door survey was carried out in 2014 and followed up by number of public consultation meetings which were held around the four villages in CELL. A consultation report, “Life in Four Villages” was created.
  • Based on that report, the first CELL Big Local Plan for 2015 – 2017 was put together, and approved by residents and subsequently by Local Trust.
  • Lynemouth Community Trust was appointed as our Locally Trust Organisation (LTO) for the period 2015-2017.
  • The CELL Big Local Partnership was created, made up of ordinary residents with talent, ambitions, skills and energy who want their area to be an even better place to live.
  • Task groups were created, focusing on the key priorities identified in the initial residents survey. A magazine, CELL LIFE, was established, and continues to be published three times a year, and delivered to every house in the CELL area. 

What is happening now?

  • Our second Project Plan for 2017-2019 was approved by both the community and Local Trust in early 2017, based on project ideas which came from local residents, groups and organisations.
  • YMCA Northumberland was appointed as our Locally Trusted Organisation for the 2017-2019 period.
  • Our work continues to focus on the priority themes identified in 2015, and we operate a task group of volunteers to oversee each area: 
    • Children & Young People 
    • Jobs 
    • Housing & Community Buildings 
    • Environment
    • Transport
    • Strengthening Communities 

What happens at the end of the 10 years?

The project will close after about 10 years, or when the £1M (plus interest) has been spent. There will be no further funding from Local Trust, but our aim is to have enhanced the facilities available to all residents and made the CELL area a better place to live. You can help us achieve this aim by getting involved.  

New volunteers and ideas are always needed and most welcome. Please do not miss this opportunity to make a difference!