Children & Young People

Task Group Leader: Pat McCann

Vision: We want our young people to have a positive and engaging future in our shared community.

Projects and budget for 2017-2019:

YMCA youth provision                    

Planned CELL spend: £31,456
Other funding: £3,146

Description: Weekly YMCA sessions in Linton and Lynemouth for young people aged 6-14 years. 
Update: These sessions are ongoing with young people engaging with youth workers and benefiting from support, information, and guidance on a range of subjects.

Ellington playpark

Planned CELL spend: £40,000
Other funding: £52,500

Description: A financial contribution towards the development of a new playpark in Ellington.
Update: The playpark has now been completed, and was officially opened in March this year.

Ellington Juniors Football Club

Planned CELL spend: £50,000
Other funding: approx £450,000

Description: A financial contribution towards a major project developing new pitches and a clubhouse. 
Update: Creation and seeding of the pitches has been completed and these will be ready for April 2019. Work is now starting to build the clubhouse.

Youth Forum

Planned CELL spend: £7,367 (budget reduced due to lengthy recruitment process)
Other funding: £0

Description: Creation of a new Youth Forum which will enable young people to have a say in the development of new projects in the CELL area.
Update: Work began on this project at the start of 2018, with YMCA recruiting a dedicated worker to engage young people around the villages.