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177CELL Big Local Finance Update March 201811-07-18CELL Big Local Finance Update - Mar 2018.pdf
176CELL Big Local Partnership Minutes 13.03.201811-07-18CELL Big Local Partnership Minutes 130318.pdf
175CELL Big Local Partnership Minutes 9.1.201803-05-18CELL Big Local Partnership Meeting Minutes 9.1.2018.pdf
173CELL Big Local Finance Update - January 201803-05-18CELL Big Local Finance Update - Jan 2018.pdf
170CELL Big Local Update Dec 201729-03-18CELL Big Local Update Dec 2017
167CELL Big Local Partnership Minutes 15.11.201729-03-18CELL Partnership Minutes 15.11.2017.pdf
166CELL Big Local Partnership Minutes 12.09.1727-11-17CELL Partnership Minutes 12.09.2017.pdf
165CELL Big Local Update Sept 201726-09-17CELL Big Local Update Sept 2017.pdf
164CELL Big Local Partnership minutes 24.05.201726-09-17CELL Partnership minutes 24.05.2017
163CELL Big Local Partnership minutes 11.07.201726-09-17CELL Partnership minutes 11.07.2017
162CELL Big Local Partnership minutes 08.03.201726-09-17CELL Partnership Minutes 08.03.2017.pdf
161CELL Big Local Partnership minutes 16.02.201726-09-17CELL Partnership Minutes 16.02.2017.pdf
151CELL Big Local Plan 2017-201926-07-17CELL Big Local Plan 2017-2019
150Friends of Lyne Dene monthly activity days - 2017 timetable27-06-17Days in the Dene 2017.pdf
149CELL Big Local Project update for June 201727-06-17CELL Big Local update - June 2017.pdf
146CELL Big Local Project Progress Meeting minutes from Tuesday 20th December 2016.20-12-16CELL Project Progress Meeting 20.12.2016 (1).pdf
145CELL Big Local Partnership Meeting minutes from Thursday 15th December 2016.15-12-16CELL Partnership Meeting 15.12.2016.pdf
144Feedback questionnaire for project proposals 2017-201916-01-17Feedback questionnaire - project proposals 2017-2019.docx
141Strengthening Communities Meeting Minutes - 04/11/201604-11-16Strengthening Communities Meeting 04.11.2016.pdf
140Project Progress Meeting Minutes from Wednesday 23rd November 2016 at Cresswell Village Hall - 6:45 till 8:00pm.23-11-16CELL Project Progress Meeting 23.11.2016.pdf
139Partnership Meeting Minutes from Thursday 13th October at Lynemouth Resource Centre from 7pm - 9pm. 13-10-16Partnership Meeting Minutes 13th October 2016.pdf
137Meeting held on Thursday 20th October 2016 at Lynemouth Resource Centre. 20-10-16Project Progress Meeting 20.10.2016.pdf
135Minutes of the Project Progress meeting held in Linton 22nd Sept 201622-09-16ProjectProgress220916.pdf
134Strengthening Communities Meeting minutes from 26/08/2016 at Lynemouth Resource Centre. 26-08-16Strengthening Communities Meeting 26.08.2016.pdf
133Partnership Meeting Minutes from Thursday 11th August 2016 @ Lynemouth Resource Centre.22-08-16CELL Partnership Meeting 11.08.2016.pdf
132Project Progress Meeting Minutes from Tuesday 16th August 2016 at Ellington Village Hall. 22-08-16Project Progress Meeting 16.08.2016.pdf
129Strengthening Communities Task Group Meeting - Friday 29th July 2016 - 10am @ Lynemouth Resource Centre. 01-08-16Strengthening Communities Meeting 29 07 2016.pdf
128Project Progress Meeting Minutes from Wednesday 20th July at Cresswell Village Hall.20-07-16Project Progress Meeting Minutes 20.07.2016.pdf
125Cover letter for the Community Kitty with the application form below. 18-07-16Community Kitty Cover Letter
124Community Kitty Application Form18-07-16Community Kitty application form.pdf
123Notes from Environment TG meeting 05/07/1605-07-16EnvironmentTaskGroup050716.pdf
122Project Progress Meeting Minutes - Wednesday 22nd June 2016 @ Lynemouth Resource Centre.22-06-16Project Progress Meeting 22.06.2016.pdf
121Ellington Juniors Football CLub Application- Summary. Please email Rebecca on with any positive or negative feedback on this application.06-07-16Ellington Juniors Number 2.jpg
120Ellington Juniors Football Club application for Football Pitches and Club House. Please email Rebecca on with any positive or negative feedback on this application.06-07-16Ellington Juniors New Project Proposal.pdf
119CELL Big Local new project (in excess of £500) proposal pathways06-07-16CELL Big Local new project (in excess of 500) proposal pathways.doc
118Funding Approval Form for projects in excess of £500. Please find the information below.06-07-16Funding Approval Form - Projects in excess of £500.pdf
117CELL Big Local funding for projects costing in excess of £50006-07-16Information for applicants - CELL Big Local funding for projects costing in excess of 500.pdf
114Contact list for Partnership Members.06-07-16Contact details - CELL Big Local Partnership Team.pdf
112Partnership Meeting Minutes from Thursday 9th June 2016 @ Lynemouth Resource Centre. 7pm - 9pm.09-06-16CELL Big Local Partnership Meeting Minutes
111Strengthening Communities Meeting Minutes from Friday 10th June 2016 @ Lynemouth Resource Centre - 10am. 10-06-16Strengthening Communities Meeting 10.06.2016.pdf
110Improving and maintaining the street and green environment Task Group Minutes24-05-16Notes 24May2016 Environment Task Group.pdf
98Partnership Meeting Minutes @ Lynemouth Resource Centre.14-04-16CELL Partnership Meeting 14.04.2016 PDF.pdf
97Annual General Meeting Minutes @ Linton Village Hall.21-04-16Annual General Meeting 21.04.2016 PDF.pdf
96Project Progress Meeting Minutes @ Linton Village Hall.21-04-16Complete Project Progress Meeting 21.04.2016.pdf
94Personal Statements from our current CELL Big Local Partnership Team and also information for interested individuals to join our team. 07-04-16CELL Big Local Partnership Board Statements.pdf
92Tall Ships 2016 Covering Letter and Information06-04-16Tall Ships Sailing covering letter.doc
91Tall Ships 2016 Application Form06-04-16Tall Ships Sail Training application form 2016.doc
88CELL partnership guide package - DRAFT VERSION31-03-16Partnership Guide Package - Draft
87Everyone feel free to have a look at the Community Building Rationalisation draft plans from the drop in service held on the 17th March 2016. These are only a draft.31-03-16Community Buildings Rationalisation Draft Plan
86Project Progress Meeting Minutes from Monday 21st March 2016 at Cresswell Village Hall.21-03-16Project Progress Meeting Minutes - 21.03.2016
82Everyone feel free to come along to the Easter Egg Hunt organised by The Friends of Lyne Dene and Groundworks. 30-03-16Easter Egg Hunt - 30th March 2016
81Project Progress Meeting minutes from 24th February 2016 at Lynemouth Resource Centre.24-02-16Project Progress Meeting Minutes - 24.02.2016
79Emergency Partnership Meeting held on 18th January 2016 @ Lynemouth Resource Centre from 4:15pm. 18-01-16Partnership Meeting Minutes - 18.01.2016
75Images from the CELL Big Local Public Event held on Thursday 28th January 2016 at Ellington Institute. 28-01-16Images from the CELL Big Local Public Event
73Strengthening Communities Help & Advice Day @ Lynemouth Institute on Wednesday 20th January 201600-00-0Strengthening Communities Help & Advice Day
72Project Progress Meeting Minutes - 04.01.201604-01-16Project Progress Meeting Minutes - 04.01.2016
71Partnership Meeting Minutes - 23.11.201523-11-15Partnership Meeting Minutes - 23.11.2015
70Project Progress Meeting Minutes - 12.11.201512-11-15Project Progress Meeting Minutes - 12.11.2015
68Strengthening Communities Meeting Minutes - 02.11.201502-11-15Strengthening Communities 02.11.2015 PDF.pdf
66Minutes of the Project Progress Meeting - 12th October 201512-10-15PP Meeting
65PROVISIONAL minutes for Partnership meeting 24/09/1524-09-15PartnershipMinutes24Sept2015.pdf
64Minutes of the river quality meeting 14/09/1514-09-15MINUTES_RIVERQUALITY_LYNE 14_09_15.pdf
63A report from Councillor Milburn Douglas about the River Lyne, Lynemouth Dunes etc.01-09-15LynemouthDunes.pdf
62Minutes of Project Progress meeting 19 Aug 201519-08-15ProjectProgress190815.pdf
61Minutes of Strengthening Communities meeting 10/08/1510-08-15StrengtheningCommunities100815.pdf
60Draft minutes from Partnership meeting 14/07/1514-07-15PartnershipMeeting140715.pdf
59Draft minutes from Partnership meeting 29/06/1529-06-15PartnershipMeeting290615.pdf
58Draft minutes from Project Progress Meeting 19/05/1519-05-15ProjectProgress190515.pdf
57Draft minutes from Partnership Meeting 21/05/1521-05-15PartnershipMeeting210515.pdf
56Draft minutes from Partnership meeting 13/04/1513-04-15PartnershipMeeting130415.pdf
55Notes from CELL meeting 16/03/15.00-00-0CELLMeeting160315.pdf
54Application form for Project Coordinator position.06-08-15ProjectCoordinatorApplicationForm.pdf
52Notes from Environment meeting 8th July 201508-07-15EnvironmentMin080715.pdf
51Poster for Groundwork History walk of Lynemouth Dene 29/06/1529-06-15DeneHistoryWalk290615.pdf
50Notes from May 2015 Project Progress Meeting 19-05-15ProgressMeeting19May15.pdf
49Minutes of the Environmental Task Group meeting 27th May 2015.27-05-15EnvironmMin270515.pdf
42Minutes from the "CatchUp" meeting 14/04/15 14-04-15CatchUpMin14Apr15.pdf
41Notes from Environment Task Group meeting 8th April 201508-04-15EnvironmentMin08Apr15.pdf
40News Bulletin from our Chair26-03-15NewsMarch2015.pdf
39Morpeth Shopper Community Transport timetable. 19-03-15ShopperTimetableApr15.pdf
38Transport Task Group status update23-03-15TTGupdate23Mar15.pdf
37Community Transport status document. (Now superseded by later version).06-03-15CommunityTransport06Mar15.pdf
36Steering Group minutes for meeting 09/02/1509-02-15STGMin09Feb15.pdf
35Service Level agreement document for the Local Trusted Organisation - ie, between CELL_BL and LRC24-01-15LTOSLA.pdf
34Steering Group minutes for January 2015 meeting.13-01-15STGMin13Jan15.pdf
31Can you represent this community? A document describing what's involved for people who might want to become partners.22-01-15RepresentThisCommunity.pdf
30The Partnership Memorandum Of Understanding document - the formal agreement between ourselves (the Partners) and the Local Trust22-01-15PartnershipMemorandum.pdf
28Steering group minutes for December 2014 meeting.08-12-14STGMin08Dec14.pdf
27Travel expense form03-12-14TravelExpenseForm.pdf
26Draft version of the Plan document to be submitted to the Local Trust for release of the first funds. This document lists the projects to be attempted during the first two years.08-11-14BLPlan081114.pdf
25Steering Group minutes from November 2014 meeting11-11-14STGMin11Nov14.pdf
24Notes from the Environment task group 29 Oct 1429-10-14EnvironmentMin29Oct14
22Steering Group minutes for October 2014 meeting14-10-14STGMin14Oct14.pdf
21Steering Group minutes for September 2014 meeting11-09-14STGMin11Sep14.pdf
20Draft plan for first two years of finance - version 222-08-14DraftPlan220814.pdf
19Draft plan for first two years of finance04-08-14DraftPlan040814.pdf
18Steering Group minutes from 4th August 201404-08-14STGMin04Aug14.pdf
17Notes from the Environment task group 29 July 1429-07-14EnvironmentTG290714.pdf
16Notes from Environmental task group meeting 27/6/1427-06-14EnvironmentMin27Jun14.pdf
15Steering Group minutes for 5th June 201405-06-14STGMin5Jun14.pdf
14Steering Group Minutes for 6th May 201406-05-14STGMinMay14.pdf
13Steering group minutes for 8th April 201408-04-14STGMin8Apr14.pdf
12Report on the Partners Seminar held 27/03/14.16-04-14PartnersSeminarReport.pdf
11Results of the survey of local businesses19-02-14BusinessSurveyResults.jpg
10"Life in four villages" - the report of the initial survey.20-01-14SurveyResults.pdf
9LocaL Trust Pathways Funding Guidance00-00-0Pathways Funding Guidance
8Agenda for Steering Group meeting 8th April 201402-04-14Agenda080414.pdf
7Minutes/notes from Steering Group meeting held 6th Feb 201431-03-14STGMin6Feb14.pdf
6Agenda for Partnership meeting on 27/03/14.19-03-14PartnerMeetingAgenda.pdf
5Community Profile and Vision Report19-03-14ProfileAndVisionReport.pdf
4Social Investment Rep Role03-03-14SI RepRole ED.pdf
3Intro to Social Investment NE03-03-14Introduction to Social Investment North East v2.pdf
2BL social investment guide03-03-14Big-Local-guide-to-social-investment.pdf
1Partnership Development Task Group terms of reference.01-03-14Partnership ToR Feb 14Final.doc