Task Group Leader: Kevin Hindmarsh

Vision: We want our green and street environment to be appreciated, enjoyed, and cared for.

Projects and budget for 2017-2019:

Friends of Lyne Dene – Supported Task Days

Planned CELL spend: £4,000
Other funding: In kind contribution of resources and equipment

Description: Coordinating and supporting local people in the delivery of conservation task days within the Lyne and Ellington Dene areas that have been significantly improved in year 1 and 2.
Update: With support from Groundwork, Friends of Lyne Dene offer regular environmental activities that are open to the local community. All opportunities are promoted via Facebook.      

Green Space Special Activities Programme – Cresswell and Linton

Planned CELL spend: £3,000  
Other funding: £1,000    

Description: Working with local school and exiting groups we will deliver clusters of engagement activities – such as forest schools programme or summer play days.         
Update: This project is starting in August 2018.         

Cresswell Capital Improvements and volunteer training
Planned CELL spend: £16,000

Other funding: £9,000  

Description: Environmental improvement works planned for the Cresswell area (Stank Letch and the areas leading to the Pele Tower). This will take the form of a training programme for local volunteers to develop land management skills and build confidence in employability or further learning.          
Update: This project begins in August 2018 and will run through to November 2018.        

Cresswell Pele Tower project delivery phase

Planned CELL spend: £10,000
Other funding: approx £753,000

Description: Dependent upon a successful project development phase and further funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, work will begin on a major renovation of the Tower with the aim to open it as a new visitor attraction for Northumberland.  
Update: Having recently received confirmation that the final Heritage Lottery application was successful, the delivery phase of this project is now up and running.         

Baron’s Walk – project being funded externally.         

Cycle Path recreational activities – project withdrawn.