Get involved

The success of CELL Big Local depends upon our four villages working together to make it happen. We’d love more residents to get involved and help shape the future of both this project, and, ultimately, the area itself.

Why get involved?

  • We can only succeed with residents’ involvement
  • People who live here are best placed to decide what’s needed
  • Have a real say in the future of the area
  • Work together to create a stronger, more resilient community
  • Make activities sustainable
  • Develop new skills and confidence
  • Make friends

What can you do?

So, we really do need your help, but that doesn’t necessarily mean taking on any responsibility. You can make a difference in these small ways:

  • Read the CELL Life newsletter, and give us some feedback
  • Follow us on Facebook at cellbiglocal17
  • Take full advantage of the opportunities available (including the Community Kitty funding pot)
  • Let us know your ideas, questions or concerns, tell us when we’re doing a good (or bad!) job

Or, if you’d like to be more involved you could: 

  • Help out at an event 
  • Come along to our theme group meetings
  • Join the CELL Big Local Partnership

If you want the CELL area to be the best it can be, and would like to help in some way, please contact Clare on 07450 716601 or email