The Morpeth Shopper Bus

During our initial survey, residents told us that they want the option of a direct bus to Morpeth. Big Local funds are being used to provide a Community Transport (CT) minibus service to Morpeth on Wednesdays - Morpeth Market day. WATBus will be providing this service for us, and it will run around the four CELL villages, then into Morpeth and back, once each Wednesday. Timings have been altering slightly; typically a summer and winter timetable.

To use a Community Transport service, regulations specify that passengers must be members of an appropriate organisation. Therefore anyone wishing to use the service will need to join our scheme and carry a membership card. Application forms are available at the CELL Big Local postbox sites (see here for locations); or you can download and print out one here. Please return the completed form to one of the CELL postboxes. Your membership card will be available from your selected location within (we hope!) one week. If you attach a stamped self-addressed envelope to your application we will return your card in that.