Strengthening Communities

Task Group Leader: Christina Manners

Vision: We want to strengthen our communities and bring our four villages together for everyone’s benefit and support.

Projects and budget for 2017-2019:

Community Kitty

Planned CELL spend: £10,000           
Other funding: £0         

A funding pot for projects costing less than £500, which is open to the whole community.
Update: Since May 2017, the following projects have been awarded Community Kitty funds:

Support services

Planned CELL spend: £16,000           
Other funding: £0         

Description: Continued delivery of Credit Union, Food Bank and CAB services for the benefit of residents across the CELL villages.
Update: During 2017, 207 clients accessed the support services, with needs ranging from food parcel requests to debt management, to mandatory reconsiderations of DWP decisions.

Community Membership Scheme

Planned CELL spend: £600   
Other funding: £0         

Description: A membership scheme which offers free access to the Morpeth Shopper Service and the Credit Union, and which will be developed with a range of other membership benefits.
Update: This scheme continues to be available to residents wishing to use the weekly Morpeth Shopper Service or to join the Northumberland Community Bank (formerly the Credit Union).

Shared community resources – ASPIRATIONAL

Planned CELL spend: £12,000           
Other funding: £20,000 

Description: Various projects allowing residents to share their skills and knowledge, starting with a People’s Shed: a fully equipped community shed which can be used by groups for woodworking and other practical and creative activities.
Update: Project on hold.      

Enhancing Community Skills (formerly Budget Management)

Planned CELL spend: £6,000
Other funding: Some training provided in-kind. 

A range of advice and training sessions to help residents make their money go further, including cooking on a budget and home energy efficiency.
Update: This project has been extended to provide a variety of group activities and personal development opportunities for CELL residents. Our Project Support Worker is currently talking to residents to find out what types of opportunity they’d like to see.

Community allotment

Planned CELL spend: £2,000
Other funding: £6,050  
Description: Working with students from the Northumberland Church of England Academy to create a Community Allotment, growing fresh, low-cost produce for local residents.
Update: This project has been delayed due to large amounts of waste having to be removed from the site, problems with fly-tipping, and the need for planning permission to erect a higher fence to bring security to the site. This has meant that the school have, so far, been unable to be involved. Having now overcome these problems the site will soon be planted with dwarf fruit trees and we will be inviting the wider community to get more involved.

Implementation of the Dementia Friendly Communities model across the CELL area – project withdrawn due to closure of Lynemouth Resource Centre.