Task Group Information

Task groups have been set up for each of the six key themes which arose from our initial survey and subsequent "Big Chat" events. Their aims, contact details and some of their work to date are given in the table below.

We are always keen for new members to get involved in the Task Groups, so if there are any themes that interest you, please do get in touch.

Task GroupAbout Examples of work to dateTask Group LeaderContact details
Children & Young People We want our young people to have a positive and engaging future in our shared community.
  • New youth clubs in Linton & Lynemouth.
  • New Skate Park in Lynemouth.
  • Training new youth workers.
Pat McCannpat@panhaggerty.co.uk
Transport We want to be able to get to where we need to be with reliable and sustainable transport options.
  • Morpeth market day bus service.
  • Worked with ARRIVA to reinstate the Route 1 Sunday service.
John McCannjohn@panhaggerty.co.uk
Strengthening Communities We want to strengthen our communities and bring our four villages together for everyone’s benefit and support.
  • Tackling fuel poverty.
  • Foodbank scheme.
  • Credit Union.
  • Citizens Advice service.
  • Small grant funding for local groups and projects.
  • CELL Life magazine distributed to every home in the 4 villages.
Christina Mannerschristina.manners@bacmans.co.uk
Environment We want our green and street environment to be appreciated, enjoyed, and cared for.
  • Helped establish the Friends of Lyne Dene.
  • Extensive habitat and pathway improvement in the vicinity of Lyne Dene.
  • Supporting the renovation of Cresswell Pele Tower.
Kevin Hindmarshkhindmarsh123@btinternet.com
Housing and Community Buildings We want to be able to live in a home which is safe, warm, and affordable, and with community buildings that meet our needs.
  • Community Buildings rationalisation – working to co-locate key local services under one roof in Lynemouth.
  • Appointed a Housing Officer to examine issues with private rented accommodation in Lynemouth & Linton.
Currently vacantenquiry@cell-biglocal.org.uk
Jobs We want everyone to have the skills and confidence to succeed in work.
  • Star Awards - providing grant funding to new local enterprises.
  • Drop-in service for new projects and community based businesses.
  • Growing local social enterprises including Lynemouth based Kenspeckle and Weave.
Bob Mannersinfo@bacmans.co.uk