Meet the team

CELL Big Local Partnership 
The Partnership are all CELL area residents who give their time on a voluntary basis.

Liz Dunn Lynemouth Resident, Parish Councillor, County Councillor
Peter Holloway Ellington Resident, Housing Lead
Shirley Johnson (CELL Vice Chair) Linton Resident, Environment/Getting Around Lead  
Bob Manners Ellington Resident, Bacmans Community Ltd
Christina Manners (CELL Chair) Ellington Resident, Bacmans Community Ltd, Strengthening Communities Lead
Pat McCann Cresswell Resident, Children and Families Lead
Mina Munns
Priest in Charge and Pioneer Minister, The Parish of Cresswell and Lynemouth 
Louise Waldock Lynemouth Resident
Heather Wallace Linton Resident, Chair of Linton Colliery Community Group

The Partnership is supported by the following people. Only the Project Co-ordinator is paid directly from CELL area funds.

Rob Cox Chief Executive of YMCA Northumberland, our Locally Trusted Organisation
Clare McKay Project Co-ordinator (Part-time – 20 hrs per week)
Guy Nokes Local Trust representative