Task Group Leader: John McCann

Vision: We want to be able to get to where we need to be with reliable and sustainable transport options.

Projects and budget for 2017-2019:

Morpeth Shopper Service

Planned CELL spend: £10,600
Other funding: £0

Description: Ongoing delivery of the weekly Morpeth Shopper Service at a reduced level, while exploring options for sustainability or alternative provision.
Update: This service will run every Wednesday until end of October 2018. To request a Community Membership Card for the Morpeth Shopper Service, please call us on 07450 716601 or email with your full name and address.

Public transport research

Planned CELL spend: £6,000
Other funding: £6,000

Description: Working with Arriva to research opportunities for improving public transport services for the four villages.
Update: From early May 2018 we are working with ARRIVA to trial a later X20 service from Ashington every Thurs-Sat.

Cycle Route Feasibility Study

Planned CELL spend: £5,000
Other funding: £0

Description: Working with Sustrans to assess possible cycle routes between the villages, as well as links to the National Cycle Network to encourage tourists into the villages, thus benefiting the local economy.
Update: We have just received a detailed report from Sustrans exploring options for cycles routes between the villages. The CELL Partnership will be examining these proposals in detail and we will keep you informed.